Denise Faulkner 2020 Calendar


Denise Faulkner 2020 Calendar featuring twelve whimsical wildlife paintings. 30cm x 30cm when closed, 30cm x 60cm when open. Wire bound.

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I would like to present my inaugural calendar for 2020. In a world where we spend so much time looking at our devices for guidance, I thought that sometimes it is nice to just look at a physical calendar instead. I have ensured that there is enough space to write notes. With a calendar you can remember important dates early without being reminded on the day, far to late to send a card or organise a surprise. You can plan holidays and weekends away, the possibilities are endless. I have included all the major Australian Public Holidays, as well as a few random days to celebrate… such as World Wombat Day and Donut Day… because who doesn’t want to celebrate donuts!

Each month is adorned by one of my original watercolour paintings featuring whimsical Australian natives getting up to mischief with the crockery or bouncing on bunting.

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30cm x 30cm