Artwork Policy


The copyright for all original artworks is held by Denise Faulkner unless otherwise agreed in writing. Copyright does not transfer to the purchaser when artworks are sold.


Works displayed in public must be attributed in line with the moral rights associated with the artwork:

  • Artist Name (Denise Faulkner)
  • Title of artwork (in italics)
  • The materials used in the artwork
  • The year the work was made


Reproduction of artworks is not permitted under any circumstances without a license. Using works in part or whole in commercial products or designs without prior approval is strictly forbidden. To obtain reproduction rights see the Licensing section.


There are some legitimate reasons when permission is not needed to reproduce works:

  • Photographing works for insurance purposes
  • Personal Photographs
  • Cataloging Private Collections
  • Promotional purposes using images supplied by the artist
  • As per the negotiated conditions for commissioned works

If in doubt you should contact the artist for clarification.


To arrange licensing please send a request to

“Artwork Licensing”┬áPO Box 4 Gulgong NSW 2852

and include the following:

  • The artwork
  • How it will be used (eg greeting card, calendar, fabric design, product illustration)
  • The territories
  • Estimated Number
  • Time period