Joanna the Sand Goanna 2017


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I thought I was being very clever when I originally painted this picture. I thought that I was painting a baby lace monitor on a lace doily. I was going to call it Lace on Lace. I was so proud of this painting… and then I discovered that where we live outside of Mudgee we have two types of goanna share our property with us… the lace monitor (which I thought I was painting, which is very large and rather monsterish looking), and the sand goanna, which is dainty and delicate and rather pretty with yellow spotty tights on (who I was actually painting). I thought about keeping the name as Lace on Lace, but that would be incorrect, so I just had to name it after what we had nicknamed our resident sand goanna… Joanna. Although we soon discovered that Joanna was actually Joe and Anna, but that is another story for another painting I suspect.
This original watercolour is painted on A2 size handmade 100% cotton rag paper sourced from Tasmania.

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Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton paper


46cm x 62cm